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3rd EyE Open 2019

Wicked Cool! 
3rd EyE receives $10,000 from the New Bedford Arts & Culture Wicked Cool Place Grant Program to help fund Open 19.

3rd EyE Open 2018

The Creative Axis of New Bedford is About to Shift
“Finally, the planets align on Saturday as SUPERFLAT meets 3rd EyE Open for an epic day of art, music, dance, and, most importantly, community.”
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#Open18 Photos by the Standard Times
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3rd EyE Open 2017

#returnofthe3rdEyEOpen Official Press Release

3rd EyE Open hip-hop festival returns to New Bedford
“We’ve been overwhelmed in the support we received,” Garris said. “Some of the organizations downtown we’re partnering with aren’t necessarily groups a hip-hop festival would normally partner with. But the event would not be possible without their help.”
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#returnofthe3rdEyEOpen Photos by the Standard Times
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3RD EyE Open: A Shining Moment for the City
It’s sometimes impossible not to separate a moment in the life of any city from the larger national context in which it takes place. Viewed in this respect, Saturday, August 19 was not only a shining moment for the City of New Bedford but a day that lived up to the city’s motto: Lucem Diffundo.
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