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Sponsored By Christian Fellowship Center


Boys & Girls Ages 10-12
Boys & Girls Ages 13-15

Boys & Girls Ages 16 & Up
Advanced Boys & Girls Ages 16 & Up

Entry Fees & Deadlines
Register by 8/5 – $10/player
Register between 8/6 & 8/18 plus walk-ups – $15/player

Every registered player will receive an event t-shirt.
No team entries will be accepted on the day of the event.
No refunds to those who show up late or don’t show up to the tournament.

Rules of the Tourney

  • General rules apply, no traveling, etc.
  • Games are up to 15 points or highest score at the 15 minute mark.
  • Coin toss will decide which team gets the ball first.
  • Each team is allowed one sub.
  • If a team is not on the court when called to play within 5 minutes automatic forfeit.
  • The ball changes possession on a score.
  • Scoring goes by 1 and 2 pointers.
  • After 5 fouls by one team, opposite team gets to shoot 1 foul shot or check ball.
  • Team must clear ball at 3-point line for everything including airballs.
  • Your team will be calling its own fouls unless there is a ref present.
  • Double Elimination the whole competition.

The day of the tournament every team must be present and checked in by 8:30am.
Make sure all players know the name of their team and their division that day.

For more info email Frankie Rhymin at

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